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Carefree Drive

SAVE 30%

by going annual and treat yourself to a weekend away.

  • SAVE with 6 & 12 month commitments

  • Snow Bird/Summer Fun Plan

  • Save 30% by going Annual

  • Utilities - Pay ONLY for What you Use

  • NO Hidden Charges or Fees



Enjoy all that Premier has to offer on a month to month basis.



We like to call this our Snow Bird/Summer Fun Plan.

Do you drive south for the winter and only need to park it for the summer?

This is your plan.

Do you stay put all winter long and adventure during the summer?

This is your plan.

Either way, we have you COVERED.



You can SAVE 30% over monthly by choosing a 12 month lease.

Have a dedicated storage space all year round to ensure you have a place to park when you're ready.



Gas Heat & Electric. All utilities are metered per unit so you only pay for what you use.

50 amp outlet available in all units! Most of our customers find they can keep their batteries charged for less than $10 a month.


Keep it above freezing with thermostat set around 40. Most pay only $30-$40 a month during the winter.

SAVE compared to places that charge a flat monthly fee of over $100 for electric and heat.

All Vehicles must be running & require insurance.

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